A certificate may be a personal certificate, business certificate, sports certificate, academic certificate, themed certificate or a monetary certificate depending on its needs. A certificate will be designed using different images and borders to make it perfect according to its title. Designing a certificate needs designing skills and use of different software like Adobe Photoshop, and MS Word etc. A certificate may be got designed by a professional but you can also design certificate by yourself having a sample before you. Here on this website, we will provide you collection of different certificate templates like:

    • Traditional certificates
  • Educational Certificates
  • Personal Certificates
  • Sports Certificates
  • Themed Certificates

We have prepared all these certificate templates in MS Word 2007 using Adobe Photoshop software for picture editing. Our team members always try to put maximum flexibility of customization in each certificate template. You will not only get your desired template but will also be provided with description of a template like what is a certificate about and where to use it. You can freely download and customize any of these templates to make it your own.

Changing sample pictures in the certificate templates are very easy. If you want to change a picture, select the picture to be changed >> right click on the picture >> click on the change picture option >> browse the picture you want to insert in the template and click on the desired picture. Image will be replaced. Changing sample text and clip arts is again very easy.

You can download these certificate templates with much ease and no restriction to make registration with the website with just one click on the download button. Feel free to download these certificate templates and use them according to your needs. You are encouraged to send queries about usage of certificate templates or let us know about your needs regarding new certificate templates. It is hoped you will be satisfied with quality of the certificate templates here.

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